Forever 21 Nail Polish Rose Petal Review

I thought I would make a quick little review on this nail polish in between editing haul pictures :D

Forever 21 nail polishes retail for $2.80 which is really affordable considering the quality. It didn't chip a lot, even without a top coat, and looks very natural and clean. However, most pale pinks are sheer and this was no exception ;; It took 3 coats to achieve the results below but I would still recommend this nail polish!

Spring Fashion Inspiration

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for the past week; I had a competition this weekend and the week before spring break is always hectic. I thought I would pop in with a quick post on some fashion inspirations for spring 

Crew socks with skirts/shorts

Pastel dresses

Apr.2014 Currently Coveting

I just realized I put 6 twice ;; I'm really digging pale pinks and denim, which is why there's such an obvious color scheme in this month's CC. Also, the shirt can interchange with all three bottoms (super versatile). Anyway, read on to find out where to buy all of these ^_^
Apr.2014 Currently Coveting

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser Review

This cleanser is possibly one of the best cleansers I've ever tried. Holy grail status, would repurchase, the whole nine yard.

Eye catching, right? :D I'm someone who's prone to breakouts but after using this cleanser, my skin has improved a lot! All that's left is for the acne scars to gradually heal, which is a lot easier when there aren't new breakouts to make things more. Read after the jump for more info!

March Roundup + Favorites

Hey guys! I've never done a monthly favorites before but I've discovered so many things this month that I thought I would do a mini one ^^

I'm supposed to be working on pieces for my portfolio but I've been lagging these past few weeks ;; I did finish a pencil piece of Gemma Ward though.

I also got two coupons in the mail for Yogurtland for 3oz free and buy one get one free so that bit was 49 cents :D I've also been trying pistachio flavored things because I discovered that it's one of my favorite flavors! I used to think it was really weird and never ate the pistachio part of spumoni, which is strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio in one, but it's surprisingly good in muffins, macarons, and froyo!

More after the jump!